Watch WWE NxT Heatwave Live 8/16/22 – 16 August 2022

Watch WWE NxT Heatwave Live 8/16/22 – 16 August 2022 Full Show Livestream And Watch Wrestling Dailymotion HD Videos Online 720p 480p & 1080p

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▶️ Watch WWE NxT Heatwave Live 8/16/22 Preview

Within minutes of Bron Breakker’s successful title defense at Great American Bash, JD McDonagh announced his presence on NXT 2.0 by jumping the NXT Champion.
After putting Breakker through a table, the self-proclaimed “necessary evil” quickly set his sights on re-shaping NXT in his image by taking the NXT Title away from Breakker. McDonagh used his extensive knowledge of the human anatomy to describe in gruesome detail all the ways he could hurt or permanently injure Breakker, but the champion showed no fear in the face of The Irish Ace’s sadistic mind games.
During their NXT Heatwave Summit, Breakker promised McDonagh that he wouldn’t fall for his traps because when the title is on the line, he is an animal. The twisted McDonagh only smiled at the thought before signing the match contract in his own blood.
With two Superstars well versed in dishing out pain, who will crack first when Breakker and McDonagh collide for the NXT Title?

After nearly nine months on the shelf due to a vicious backstage attack by Toxic Attraction, Zoey Stark made a jaw-dropping return to NXT 2.0 to compete in a 20-Woman Battle Royal for the right to challenge Mandy Rose for the NXT Women’s Title.
Despite some sneaky tricks from Cora Jade, Stark survived 19 other women to become the next contender for Rose’s title.
Rose scoffed at her upcoming opponent, as she and Toxic Attraction have reigned supreme atop NXT for over 270 days, but will Stark be the one to finally dethrone Rose?

Close friends turned bitter rivals.
After Cora Jade welcomed her friend Roxanne Perez to NXT 2.0, the two rising Superstars quickly made waves and captured the NXT Women’s Tag Team Titles from Toxic Attraction.
Their budding partnership only lasted a week, though, as Perez cashed in her NXT Women’s Breakout Tournament contract for an NXT Title Match with Mandy Rose. That’s when Jade revealed her true colors, blindsiding Perez with the Women’s Tag Team Title to cost her the match.
The following week, Jade tossed her title in the trash, claiming Perez’s friendship was a lie and that she came to steal Jade’s spotlight.

Carmelo Hayes has beaten them all during his reign as the self-described “A Champ.”
Looking to produce yet another show-stealing match, Hayes offered an open challenge for his NXT North American Title to whomever was brave enough to step in the ring first. Giovanni Vinci was the first to jump at the opportunity, but he was not quick enough, as Nathan Frazer raced past him on the entrance ramp to slide into the ring and steal his chance.
Vinci made sure Frazer didn’t win the title, and he was quick to ensure that he didn’t lose his opportunity either, stepping to Hayes the following week for another chance at the North American Title.

The battle for control of NXT 2.0 has raged for weeks between Legado del Fantasma and The D’Angelo Family.
After Tony D’Angelo was “made,” the tensions between “The Don” and Santos Escobar steadily rose until Legado del Fantasma was forced to join D’Angelo after losing their Six-Man Tag Team Match at NXT In Your House.
Escobar, Cruz Del Toro, Joaquin Wilde and Elektra Lopez gritted their teeth and reluctantly followed D’Angelo’s orders, but The Emperor refused to fall in line. D’Angelo punished Escobar for his disrespect by sending him to the hospital.
Escobar returned weeks later to clobber D’Angelo with a pair of brass knuckles to cost him the NXT Tag Team Titles, sparking a mutiny as he and the rest of Legado del Fantasma walked away from “The Don.”
Seething, D’Angelo agreed to meet Escobar one-on-one, where the two heads of their families agreed to one final Street Fight. If Escobar wins, Legado del Fantasma is free from The D’Angelo Family, but if “The Don” wins, then Escobar will be banned from NXT 2.0.

Find out Tuesday night on NXT 2.0 at 8/7 C

Date: August 16th, 2022 Watch WWE NxT Heatwave Live 8/16/22

Start Time: Tuesday Night at 8PM Eastern time slot on USA Network

Quick Hits

  • Bron Breakker puts NXT Title on the line against JD McDonagh
  • NXT Women’s Champion Mandy Rose squares off with Zoey Stark
  • Former NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions square off in one-on-one match
  • Giovanni Vinci looks to add a new accessory to his waist in title match with Carmelo Hayes
  • Santos Escobar and Tony D’Angelo collide for the fate of Legado del Fantasma
  • More cards.

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