Watch WWE NxT 2.0 Live 8/9/22 – 9 August 2022

Watch WWE NxT 2.0 Live 8/9/22 – 9 August 2022 Full Show Livestream And Watch Wrestling Dailymotion HD Videos Online 720p 480p & 1080p

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▶️ Watch WWE NxT 2.0 Live 8/9/22 Preview

Cora Jade is sick of Superstars stealing her spotlight, whether that’s her former friend Roxanne Perez or a returning Zoey Stark.
After severing ties with Perez, Jade felt like it was finally her time to shine. But when Stark made her shocking return after nine months to win the 20-Woman Battle Royal and earn an NXT Women’s Title Match, Jade was quick to retaliate.
The following week, Jade assaulted Stark with a Kendo stick following her singles match, pummeling Stark until Perez ran in to chase Jade away.

After Kiana James’ detailed PowerPoint, Nikkita Lyons plans to give her some up close and personal analysis when the two square off in the ring.
Based on her research, James claimed Lyons doesn’t fit the model of what a woman in this world should be, but Lyons owns who she is and states that she won’t change for anyone, especially James.

Ding! Ding! The fight is on for Wes Lee and Trick Williams as the two are set to throw hands in a Rounds Match consisting of six three-minute rounds with the first person to record two falls being named the winner.
After Williams blindsided Lee with a knockout blow during his match with Grayson Waller, Lee cut down Carmelo Hayes’ right hand man for “thinking he’s the second coming of Muhammad Ali.” Lee decided the best way to get his retribution and put Williams’ supposed boxing skills to the test was squaring up in this unique stipulation.
Can Lee’s acrobatic skills compete with Williams’ boxing prowess?

Santos Escobar is back to reclaim Legado del Fantasma from the clutches of The D’Angelo Family.
Ever since Tony D’Angelo essentially forced Legado del Fantasma into the fold, he struggled to break the faction and its leader, putting Escobar in the hospital for his disobedience. After a few weeks on the shelf, Escobar stunned “The Don” with his surprising return, smashing D’Angelo with a pair of brass knuckles to cost him and “Stacks” their chance at winning the NXT Tag Team Titles.
The Emperor pulled La Familia to his side and laughed at D’Angelo’s misfortune as Legado del Fantasma parted ways with “The Family.” Escobar called an irate D’Angelo to rub salt in his wounds before the two fierce rivals agreed to a final one-on-one accord.

Find out Tuesday night on NXT 2.0 at 8/7 C

Date: August 9th, 2022 Watch WWE NxT 2.0 Live 8/9/22

Start Time: Tuesday Night at 8PM Eastern time slot on USA Network

Quick Hits

  • Zoey Stark and Cora Jade to throw down in heated singles match
  • Nikkita Lyons set to square off with Kiana James
  • Wes Lee knuckles up with Trick Williams for a Rounds Match
  • Santos Escobar and Tony D’Angelo meet for a final one-on-one accord
  • More Cards.

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